Team Lead - Bidding and Analytics Edge

Tamme is an ad-tech platform that balances supply and demand for double sided marketplaces that have a geographical element. For example, Deliveroo, Uber Eats etc need to make sure that they have the right ratio of riders to diners within a certain radius. If the ratio in an area isn't right then tamme makes sure that the perfect ads are showing in the right places in order to bring balance back to the marketplace. If everything is working perfectly then tamme tries to work out where it can expand to next, taking into account like for like suburbs and available channel reach everywhere around the world.

We value inclusion very highly. You will find no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. We just care that you're good at your job.

Our edge services are built to handle 44,029,440,000,000 requests in a year (encompassing ~ 45 petabytes of data) and that's mostly by way of express.js running on elastic beanstalk across multiple continents. There are also some serverless services written in node.js that help with moving data around inside VPCs, through Kinesis Streams, between regions and in and out of Redis. The code gets there and builds by way of Atlassian Bitbucket -> Pipelines, and we're growing the infrastructure and devops team to make sure that it always gets better.


Why we're interesting:

 - We have had to build a Real Time Bidder component that has to be able to handle 1.4million requests per second. These requests need to be (end to end) < 100ms

 - Most of our core processing is done using on AWS Lambda.

 - We have an analytics engine that ha to be able to consume and understand interactions between people, not just interactions a user has made on a webpage.

 - Because we have to have similar infrastructure in multiple regions in the world we have had to build some of our own internal tools already to handle this, including:

   - Nephelo, which is a layer on top of cloudformation to help build out the same infrastructure in multiple regions, through a CI pipeline

   - FreeRange, allows our software to be able to locate our infrastructure without having to tell it what the exact address is, that way when things change in the infrastructure, the system is able to adapt

   - Shadchanit, helps us make sure that the right applications are facing the outside world and that the system is always evolving to ensure that our users are receiving the fastest route possible.

   - Yenta, which is a one way communication system from the middle out, that allows all of our edge locations to have the most up to date data available.

   - All of our software sits on AWS infrastructure and we get to play with some of the cooler new toys that they're bringing out before the go on the market.


Our Values:

Family First

At our core our team are a family, we strongly and staunchly believe that to build the best products and make the largest difference we can we have to start by supporting our team first.

Test, Fail, Learn

We're constantly trying new things, some of it works, some of it doesn't. It's okay to not get it right, that means we learned something new, and that's invaluable.

No Bullshit

Be up front, it's okay not to know, give feedback, take feedback and just be human. Honesty and openness are incredibly important to us.

No Arseholes

Yep, we can all be a bit of a dick on occasion but if you're an arsehole, don't bother applying, you'll hate it here. We're a team, a unit, a family. At tamme we care about getting the job done, working as a team and we care about each other.

Be Better

Every day we strive to be a bit better, in every aspect. We aim to nurture the growth of every member of the tamme team, and we strongly believe that if every day we help you get a bit better, you'll be able to make the product a bit better and that in turn will make the industry a bit better. It's important not to let perfect get in the way here, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to want to grow.


What we need you to do:

As the team lead for tamme's edge team you will be responsible for the both the Real Time Bidding engine and the analytics consumption interface. This is high frequency, millions of requests per second, chaotic awesomeness. You're building systems that are capable of handling 44,029,440,000,000 requests in a year (encompassing ~ 45 petabytes of data) and still they're hungry for more.

In this role you will:

 - Lead by example, being hands on in the code but also being a great, coach, mentor and leader.

 - Put out fires, pipes are going to burst, fires are going to start, things are going to fail and the business will stop. You will be the cool, calm and collected one stitching everything back together and then trying to figure out why it went wrong so that we can do it better next time.

 - Work closely with the VP of engineering to plan, execute and measure deliverables based on the roadmap

 - Be a champion for agile, scrum style, and a real team player.

 - Be the key person responsible for QA of all pull requests for tamme's real time bidding services as well as the analytics cosumption services.

 - Guide and grow both the team members who directly report to you as well as the floating mid level engineers

 - Ensure that there's adequate test coverage and that QA is executed on

 - Work with your team, in concert with the VP of Engineering, to set and measure OKRs / KPIs

 - Write code

 - Get better every day


What we don't expect from you:

 - Going it alone, you'll be a part of a team with a couple of extra engineers in your direct team, 4 other team leads for peer support and a VP of engineering for guidance. It's very much a team sport here.

 - Writing code all day long, it's a balancing act, you still get to write code, you still get to lead by example, but a large part of your job is collaborating with the team to get the best solution

 - Know everything, it's okay for you to ask for help, you're not always going to be the smartest person on the team at everything.


Who you're likely to be:

To be great at this role you're likely to have some of the following:

 - An intense curiosity, you have to find the answers, you have to know more, it's just who you are.

 - You thrive in an agile environment

 - You've run agile (scrum) teams before, and are comfortable stretching for goals but also pushing back on stakeholders to protect the team

 - You have experience working to deadlines

 - You're very comfortable in Node.js

 - You have experience with Express.js

 - You think that the 40,000 searches that Google performs every second is… quaint

 - You're good in a crisis, you keep it calm, you know the business is affected and things have to happen fast but you've remembered your towel and you don't panic.

 - You have some experience with serverless applications, maybe even framework on AWS Lambda

 - You have used cloudformation

 - You understand that every milisecond in a request counts

 - That unnecessary byte of data in memory is really bugging you

 - You get that security matters

 - You've played with redis

 - You understand complex data structures

 - You love to have tests, this one time, at code camp, you wrote a test to test that your tests were testing

 - You've deployed applications on elastic beanstalk before and they've worked

 - You've also deployed applications on elastic beanstalk before and they haven't worked, but they got better

 - You've most likely used bitbucket, jira and confluence

 - You're comfortable with Slack and enjoy a good gif

 - You have some experience managing people

 - Bonus points if you had experience managing people in crisis situations

 - You are very comfortable with AWS and have experience adopting new features.

 - You've coached other engineers before, extra points if the people you've coached have gone on to do amazing things



You should read this:


What are the extra perks at tamme:

 - Apart from working in an energising and vibrant startup team in the centre of one of the best cities in the world, you'll also get:

 - A free account and a free Treehouse account so that you have access to courses across for almost all your interests.

 - Free credit top ups every month into a kindle account so that you can get your reading on.

 - A free Audible account that comes with your choice of a free audiobook every month in case that's your thing.

 - You can enter into 'The Puzzle'; which is a monthly thought challenge, sometimes math based, sometimes code based, sometimes philosophical, where correct entries go in the draw to win prizes.

 - You get your tamme hoodie/jacket as soon as you complete the ShipIt challenge, you have to build one app, widget, ChatBot that automates a task, either personal or professional, that was boring you in your day to day life.

 - You get to take part in the monthly tamme team hack day.

 - You can optionally take part in the tamme quarterly hack weekend.

 - Our standups are at 9:30 in the morning, but breaky and coffee are provided, and there's a team lunch available every day.