tamme's platform

tamme is an analytics and advertising platform specifically built for hyperlocal double sided marketplaces. 

It measures the supply and demand of a marketplace in 1.2sqm blocks everywhere around the world and determines what the deficit is for each category of your marketplace in each block.

Using this information, coupled with historical spend data, tamme determines where your advertising budget can be best spent, creates the ads for you, and publishes them on the channels that are most likely to bring your marketplace closer to equilibrium.

Every day, tamme takes the results from the day before, learns how to do it better, and then goes through the process all over again.

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    tamme’s analytics platform is built specifically for double sided marketplaces. Not only is tamme great at being able to visualise supply and demand down to a postcode level, but it also understands the relationships and actions between entities. For example, ‘Ben’ took a ‘Ride’ with ‘Ian’, or ‘Jennifer’ ‘Bought’ pot plants from ‘Pottery Barn’. Making it far easier to understand and interpret user actions on the marketplace.


    Budget Selection

    Because tamme’s analytics understand the behaviours and locations of all of the users in your marketplace, it’s able to predict where best to spend your advertising budget for the maximum effect.

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    Channel Prediction

    Every time an ad is run tamme learns what works and what doesn’t. By using this data tamme is able to predict which channels are most likely to get the best results.

    Template Prediction

    tamme rotates and A/B tests the different ad templates that you’ve uploaded in order to try and determine the most effective version. It also uses the results from previous conversions to start to predict which templates are most likely to convert a user based on the predictive model that’s been built up over time. This allows it to pick adverts at a user by user level instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

    Template Feature Selection

    After you upload or create an ad template tamme begins to analyse the different features, display options, and dynamic content fields. It then starts to predict and test different variations to build out a predictive model that can determine which features, wording, and images are likely to get a user to move to the next stage in the funnel.

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    Predictive Dynamic Creative Optimisation

    Because tamme has an analytics platform that understands the way that your users interact with your marketplace it’s able to use predictive analytics to choose the best content for each template and is able to dynamically change the content with all of the data contained in the analytics platform.

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    Real Time Bidding

    In order to ensure that tamme is getting the most data and producing the right ads at the right time it has its own Real Time Bidding platform. This ensures that you’re not spending extra funds on YAM (Yet Another Middleman) and that tamme is able to bid on each impression in a user by users, device by device capacity.


    By using the Real Time Bidder tamme is able to retarget users across ~80% of likely advertising inventory. On top of this, tamme integrates with the retargeting functions of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to ensure that the right message can reach the user at exactly the right time.


    Notifications (Email, Push, SMS)

    Once you have collected the user details through the analytics platform, you can setup transactional notifications based on events, or combinations of events. Eg: when a user signs up.

    tamme also has the ability to use these channels as part of the advertising channel mix and as part of campaigns, such as a user on boarding journey.

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    • Efficiencies in spending only where your marketplace requires it.
    • Spend only in the locations that will get you the highest return with tamme’s analytics driven advertising that
    • understands both the user behaviours in your marketplace and unit economics (not just vanity metrics).
    • Cheaper banner ad prices (less middle men)
    • Advertise on a user to user basis instead of trying to slot users into a one size fits all approach.
    • Create a more genuine and relatable advertising experience for potential users by utilising the data collected through analytics to customize your advertising.