Meet tamme.

tamme is an ad-tech platform for double sided marketplaces. She measures supply and demand in suburb-sized squares all around the world to be able to predict where and how to best spend your advertising budget.

tamme then creates dynamic ads specifically targeted to your audience, in that location and is able to predict what ads, channels and spends are ‘just right’. She also uses past performance as well as a large complement of external data to be able to determine the best new suburbs and regions for your marketplace to grow into, and ties all spending back to simple unit economics to make sure that all advertising spends are in line with your strategic goals.

tamme is the pinnacle of machine learning and predictive analytics as applied to ad-tech. It’s taken almost a year to get the first version of tamme ready and we are now very pleased to announce that we’re opening a beta program for Q3/Q4 of this year.

This is how she works: 


From our own experiences from trying to scale double sided marketplaces while keeping our unit economics in check, it became apparent that we need to automate and put some one smarter than us behind the wheel: tamme.

Skilld has 47 professions and services every postcode in Australia. That means over 247,220 combinations of ad sets without even allocating for different variations or different stages of the funnel. tamme tracks our marketplace and then measures our supply and demand. From this, she uses this information to create a model of the supply, demand and deficits for each profession in the marketplace for every 2 square miles across Australia.

Tamme then calculates the best advertising channels. For every ad budget, in every postcode, for every profession, tamme uses a predictive model in order to determine the best marketing mix for both sides of our marketplace.


This takes into account:

- minimum, and maximum, effective ad budgets for a channel

- previous results for that profession/postcode combination

- previous results for similar combinations


Tamme then generates multiple dynamic creatives for every channel in the marketing mix. Because of the analytics base for the platform there are a plethora of variables that can be used to enrich the content.  This level of dynamic customization provides a significantly higher click through rate as every ad that a person sees is targeted directly at them on a 1:1 level. For example: a restaurant in Potts Point will see an ad with "3 Chefs in Potts Point are looking for work".

The data from the ad sets are then sent back into tamme to further learn about what ad combinations, across which marketing channels converted the best and worst to further optimize according to what the marketplace requires.

By using the most advanced and precise optimisation engine possible, Skilld as a double sided marketplace is able to be successful in matching the right local people to the right local businesses.  

Mick Austin, Publican at O'Mailles Hotel Wodonga says:

“Within a matter of hours, I had not only made contact with the Chef I wanted to speak to, I had an employment contract signed. Skilld has now opened the door for any new prospective employees I may need. Time saved and personal productivity increased as a result. I have absolutely no reason to search elsewhere for staff, as this was the easiest method to date I have found to employ a new staff member. In closing, the time I could have saved myself, had I used Skilld in the past, shocks me! Can not recommend Skilld enough.”


Gen George