OneShift Acquired

OneShift started as one off shifts for small businesses in the hospitality industry. it’s first month it started with just 300 uni students and a couple of clubs and within 6 months, it had 10,000 users. Four years later, OneShift morphed into a full time work platform, connecting staff to some of Australia’s largest employers. With over 45,000 businesses and closing on 1 million users.

In 2013, OneShift was invested in by Programmed. Through joining forces with a strong strategic partner, OneShift was able to achieve things like winning 9 tenders for employment services in partnership with Programmed and APM, forming cornerstone partnerships with the innovative CCIQ and winning numerous international and national awards.

We are excited to announce that late last year Programmed begun the process of acquiring the OneShift platform in a private, off-market deal.

A short couple of months later, this is now complete and Gen, with the remaining team, will continue to focus on Skilld (the small business hospitality recruitment app) and the newly announced tamme.

tamme is an ad-tech platform for double sided marketplaces. It measures supply and demand in suburb-sized squares all around the world to be able to predict where and how to best spend your advertising budget. tamme then creates dynamic ads specifically targeted to your audience, in that location and uses machine learning to better predict what ads, channels and spends are ‘just right’. It also uses past performance as well as a large complement of external data to be able to predict the best new suburbs and regions for your marketplace to grow into, and ties all spending back to simple unit economics to make sure that all advertising spends are in line with your strategic goals.

Gen George